The wind is smooth make your skin get interaction

Monday, September 28, 2009

The wind is smooth make your skin get interaction with new strange nature compared to your hot place but comfortable for your body.

After passing over Siantar town you will feel cool that means it is the right way you go to the famous Parapat town. When the air getting warmer, it means that your driver goes to wrong direction. You need to discuss with your driver. During the journey to Parapat town located at the side of Toba Lake you may get uncertain feeling following the zig zag road.
On the way, of course, you can not sleep even though you already got heavy sleepy since your feeling already gone to another nature that you have never felt before. The sound of singing birds and the music from Toba Lake will take you to enjoy the nature. It can make all metabolisms in your body change to fresh. Your brain looks as a newly charged battery. If you feel not like this, it means you are stupid and need to go to a psychiatrist. Try to watch the song poetry that is the whole picture of the nature and race culture living in Toba Lake. Along traveling to Parapat town, you may see a marching of hills namely Bukit Barisan. Getting closer to this town, getting cooler you feel. At a place you feel entering a big entrance and from the tree apertures you may see a lake. In the past time, visitors did not see a lake but a poetry namely ‘Rimba Ciptaan” means forest creation in the far away, and then followed by seeing a lake. You may be at high place.
When you sit in the car, on the right side, you may see a beauty incredible view. Far away on the down side, you may see boats and you want to go there in a hurry to enjoy boating. In the remote view, you may see the greenish Samosir Island. All of these events caused you will arrive as soon as possible, but this is impossible since you are still far away. Your breath suddenly stopped, being hypnotized by something beauty. Remember if your stomach suddenly feels painful and you are not allowed to open the car door since you sit near a very deep valley. Then better you stop at the first stop for enjoy.
Take pictures for a sweet memory of amazing Toba Lake for your family. Take breath to inhall fresh air as a friendship symbol between you and the nature, which produces fresh feeling. So, once again you face an amazing thing, why not? You may imagine how the mountain exploded and formed Toba Lake. Unbelievably, that is the fact of this miracle. Try to close your eyes quickly to imagine a miracle event. There was an explosion, which trembled all the earth surfaces from North Pole to South Pole. This is the strongest explosion in the volcanic history. It makes the earth structure change. The larva ocean made reddish the surrounding nature, the fire splashing mixed with gravels at very high temperature of 2000oC, and finally to form an illustration as you see.
When you continue your journey to the lake, your car go down passing road like a snake and your driver must be carefully drive to satisfy your viewing the landscapes. Exactly at this time, you adore Toba Lake. The song of Toba Lake attracts you to admire its beauty and finally you enjoy the real nature. This song is purposed to create and imagine of Toba Lake to bring into your mind and your feeling to the real picture. Do not forget to sing the song on your journey to recall you on important features of the nature.


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