This small town is full of fascinating history

Saturday, November 28, 2009

When you continue your journey to the lake, your car go down passing road like a snake and your driver must be carefully drive to satisfy your viewing the landscapes. Exactly at this time, you adore Toba Lake..

The song of Toba Lake attracts you to admire its beauty and finally you enjoy the real nature. This song is purposed to create and imagine of Toba Lake to bring into your mind and your feeling to the real picture. Do not forget to sing the song on your journey to recall you on important features of the nature.When your steps arrive at Parapat town, the surrounding nature begins to produce sounds that make your ears listen to human sound coming from local people, the wave sound from the lake, sound of trees and your beloved birds. Open your eyes pupil to record all events. This small town is full of fascinating history. In the past a foreigner did business transaction in this place for exchanging between crops and banknotes or goods that could not be obtained in this island. This place was really good for merchants. Here, you may see various services and other traditional products. Don’t worry, you will be safe here. Any offer you do not like you may refuse. By that offer, don’t forget to enjoy the amazing nature for refreshing, doesn’t it? When you stand on the lakeside, of course, you want to feel its beauty values cooling your whole personal charm. Try to imagine about hundred years coming in the future where there will be a bridge and cable cars running from upper mountains to Samosir Island. At the mountain top of Toba Lake there will be a mini airport and traditional hotels attract your dream. From the upper side you may see boats sailing to hanging stones and a statue namely ‘sigale gale’, husband and wife or couples laying down on the boat enjoying sunny cool air from the lake different from sea air. Various games are played on the lake surface and create an amazing view that Toba Lake is really a mega holiday. Nevertheless, you no need to fly for one week because you imagine too long. The main achievement is the fresh feeling after you enjoy Toba Lake, is it true? You better cross the lake going to Samosir Island by boat. Along the journey circling the Samosir Island you may watch various objects, which sounds reasonable to be memorized. The atmosphere here is suitable for an entertainment. Several natural miracles are observed yielded from past time volcanic explosion. Many high interesting monuments can be viewed here. In general, those monuments are symbols of Batak race family name. Inside the monument, generally, there are human skeletons of their ancestors. On certain events they have carried out their traditional customs to make their family relationships getting much closer and also to give respects to their ancestors. All of their generations are gathering there. Usually they express their will by sounding their traditional culture art namely ‘gondang’. The gondang instrument consists of seven or fourteen pieces, two trumpets, which are played following Batak song rhythm and several gongs. The ‘gondang’ can be played for seven tones. The ‘gondang’ is far more complete than a drum used in a band having only six tones. You may imagine if you have a friend who is able to play the instrument for pop music in nowadays, is that really interesting? There is also a certain instrument, which is a combination of a harp, a flute, and three drums. Those instruments are used for Batak operas to accompany Batak legend stories with songs. A person who may play this device very well can make someone feel melancholic for a story performance. Both of these devices are a pride for everybody from Batak race in Samosir Island. Sometimes, the performance is used as an indicator that someone still remembers one’s hommy land. If someone is not able to carry out the performance it means that one is not successful in overseas and it is a burden for one’s family. Their parents become sad. This event is the cause of a legend story of an unsuccessful adventurer, which is found a lot in the island. All those legends are usually demonstrated in the form of stories and modern songs.


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